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Mayuko has sharp eyes. How much will it be? Ralph knew he was under investigation. Harry lost the shopping list his mother had given him and just bought things he wanted to eat. He obtained the post through the good offices of a friend. Since the war, Japan has advanced greatly in science and technology. Sharon has until Monday to decide. After the earthquake, hardly any houses remained standing. Liisa came too late.

Where will that take place? How much did you bet him? I put both of my arms around her.

Drivers must stop at the stop line. She is Japanese. Everybody wanted me to do it. Having seen my brother trembling before the urchins mocking him, I became anxious and angered at the same time. Beckie denied having done it. He made a quick response.

I studied for perhaps two hours. Miles would never admit that.

Is there a problem with them? I've asked Henry not to do that. People who don't have a computer can't make full use of this MP3 player function. Rainforests are one of the Earth's greatest biological treasures. Leigh will go to the shopping centre with Laurie. If you don't ask her out, I will. I've never liked the way foreign languages were taught at school.

Welcome to our first German class. We're all with you. She keeps a cat. That cat is white. I know you're afraid of snakes. I wish Jorge wouldn't keep bothering me with questions. I was a prison warden for ten years. Don isn't the right guy for you. I think you're hungry. Tell me what you told them. He gave him access to the building.

Kyung is in the clubhouse. There were no seats left for the show. "Why didn't you sleep?" "I didn't sleep because I wasn't sleepy." I wasn't paying attention. You should check on her. Stay with them, Sjouke.

I found it difficult to please her. How many Philippine presidents were there until Benigno Simeon Aquino III? Please send this by registered mail. Werner is still the best student in your class, isn't he? Everyone was numb. That was a really scary story. I told her I made a mistake. He bailed on us just when we needed him. The man complains, because the dog is barking, or vice versa?

Sandip is writing a book now. The children use sugar.

I'm just so happy. The last place anyone saw Morgan was at the beach.

He dropped in on me. This office is divided up into camps. I didn't get home until late. Hello, Meg, how have you been? How's life?

Donn asked Revised to join his team. The problem is I keep thinking about how Olof treated me before. Who do you think told Herb? I have to apologize to Ann. He was made to go there.

I'm going to empty this cabinet so that you can use it. You're not allowed in there. Tomorrow morning, I'll be with you, God willing. I clean my teeth with a toothbrush. We are from France. They will come.

I want you to start taking things seriously. He said to me, 'Let's play catch.' According to Brenda, Jane got married last month. He's charging me roughly four times as much as he charged when he started cutting my lawn. I don't want to go there. I will have been loved. The gas gives off a strong, bad smell. I've been found guilty. I owe you ten dollars. He doesn't come any more, the one smoking said.

Can we reschedule?

Her education was so minimal that she could not even name the eight planets of our Solar System. Ira wants to be the center of attention. We cut down a cherry tree. Is this your notebook? I don't believe that at all. The girls were trussed up and left in a cellar. No one took pity on us when we were covered with dust. It is starting to look pretty cool. There is no room to doubt that he is a gifted artist.

Sara has 31 pens. You have talent, no doubt; it's just a pity that you haven't learned more. He was weak from the loss of blood. She screamed with horror as someone took hold of her arm. Some people like sports, and others don't. Steven is folding his laundry. Time has no divisions to mark its passage, there is never a thunderstorm or blare of trumpets to announce the beginning of a new month or year. Even when a new century begins it is only we mortals who ring bells and fire off pistols. It's all a misunderstanding. Roberto took his pen out of his pocket.

I happened to find a bicycle discarded at the roadside. Marie says he would've written more if he'd known he should've. Byron and Miriam went out for lunch. I had to lie to Jerald. He may have lost his way. The merger created the first largest bank in Japan. I need a leather briefcase. What auxilliary materials or machines can presenters use when making a presentation? I started using PCs recently. What am I supposed to do with this money?